Spring AC Tune-Up: What Does It Involve?

A spring AC tune-up is an essential part of owning an air conditioner. Without annual maintenance, your unit could break down completely on a scorching summer day, leaving you uncomfortable in the heat.

With the following guide, you can prepare for your annual preventative maintenance tune-up. When it comes time for your AC tune-up, call 614-587-8985. As Westerville’s ac maintenance experts, our team at World Class Services is standing by to give you prompt service!

What Does the Spring AC Tune-Up Involve?

When you schedule your AC service with a professional HVAC company, the spring AC maintenance check usually includes:

  • Lubricating all moving parts to extend the life of your unit
  • Performing an in-depth safety check
  • Checking the capacitor for leaks and addressing any rust on the component
  • Making sure the refrigerant levels are correct
  • Draining the condensate line to ensure it doesn’t overflow
  • Ensuring the motor, meter voltage, compressor contacts, belts, and other supporting components are all operating effectively
  • Checking the thermostat’s sensor and batteries.
  • Checking the air filter and replacing if necessary
  • Checking and cleaning the condenser coil

Your HVAC technician should wrap up the appointment by providing a written report of the unit’s condition and any further recommended maintenance.

3 Reasons to Schedule an AC Tune-up in Spring

If you want to avoid costly repairs, schedule a maintenance check on your AC unit twice a year. Spring is the most popular time to tune up the air conditioner for several reasons.

1. Prevent Summer Breakdowns

Air conditioner manufacturers recommend spring as the best time for maintenance. Since summer sees the most intense AC use, it’s good to make sure your unit is up to the task. Ignoring the spring maintenance check means you risk the AC breaking in the height of summer.

With AC maintenance, if you wait too long to fix small problems, they turn into big problems. There may not be something wrong, but it’s better to find out early if there is.

Regular maintenance decreases overall repairs, increases the life expectancy of the unit, and ensures the best indoor air quality.

3. Maintain Efficiency

Many factors affect the air conditioners’ energy efficiency. A spring tune-up guarantees your unit will keep the energy bills as low as possible even if your usage increases. If you skip the spring tune-up to try and save money, you’ll end up paying more long-term.

4. Ensure Warranty Compliance

Did you know that most AC warranties require you to have at least one maintenance check a year? Many of them also require proof of the tune-up. If you can’t provide proof when something goes wrong, you’ll be on the hook for an expensive repair!

How to Care for Your AC Between Maintenance Checks

When you go six to twelve months between AC tune-ups, there is plenty of time for something to go wrong. Follow these three tips to keep your AC in working order and extend its life expectancy.

Clean the Evaporator Coil

The evaporator coil absorbs heat and cools the air in your home. When your air filter is dirty, it leads your evaporator coil to collect dust and dirt, which reduces your AC’s efficiency.

A dirty or clogged coil can’t cool the air. It can also overheat and cause severe damage to the entire unit. Use a vacuum and a soft brush to keep the coil clean, avoid further damage, and keep the air comfortably cool.

Clean the Condenser Coil

Always keep the outdoor condenser unit free of debris and plants. Every spring before your maintenance check-up, gently clean the coil with a low-pressure garden hose.

Failing to keep the condenser coil clean may cause the unit to overheat and short out. This could require complete replacement if it happens frequently. A dirty condenser coil also ruins your air quality and energy efficiency.

Check the Air Filter

Check the air filter every 30 days. If you’re running your air conditioner frequently, you’ll need to change the filter every month. If you’re using high-end filters, they may last longer.

If you fail to change your air filter frequently, you’ll notice increasing energy bills and decreasing air quality. Bad allergies are a sign the filter needs replacing.

Call World Class Services for your Spring AC Tune-Up Needs

When you need air conditioning repair or are ready for your spring AC tune-up, don’t hesitate to call World Class Services.

We have customer satisfaction and one-year breakdown guarentees! Call us at 614-587-8985 before your small problems become big ones.

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