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Professional AC Repair in Westerville, Ohio

When summer days heat up in Westerville, the last thing residents want to deal with is a malfunctioning air conditioner. Failing AC units allow heat and humidity to invade your home, causing mild problems like discomfort and irritation and more severe issues like worsened allergy and asthma symptoms. Fortunately, our team at TropiCool can help.

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Signs of a Failing Air Conditioner

Many homeowners believe they can wait to deal with minor AC problems. However, by waiting, they allow small issues to grow into huge problems while paying for extra energy usage. More significant AC problems cost more to fix, so knowing the signs of a malfunctioning air conditioner can save you time, comfort, and money.

The most common air conditioning malfunctions Westerville residents experience include the following:

Short Cycling

As an air conditioner fails, it may turn on and off sporadically, never quite cooling your home but constantly running. Called short cycling, this condition typically means your AC system needs electrical repairs.

Irregular Cooling

If you notice that the air temperature fluctuates from room to room, you may need AC repair. Air conditioners deliver cool air to each room in your home, so irregular indoor temperatures indicate an air distribution issue.

Warm or Hot Air Blowing

Air conditioners should only blow cool air, so warm or hot air coming out of your vents signals an issue. If you feel no air blowing at all, the problem could lie in your AC unit or the air ducts.

Higher-Than-Average Utility Bills

Noticing a spike in your energy costs could point to a failing air conditioner. As it goes out, the AC unit pushes itself harder to meet your temperature settings in a process that uses more electricity.

Strange Odors or Sounds

Your air conditioner shouldn’t produce odd smells or noises, so if you notice either, call a professional air conditioning service company.

Examples of Strange Odors

Chemicals, Burning, Vinegar, Mustiness

Examples of Strange Sounds

Squealing, Grinding, Whistling, Rattling, Ticking

How Tropicool Technicians Repair Your Air Conditioner

When you notice signs that you need air conditioner repair, contact our AC repair experts at TropiCool. We use a simple three-step process to discover what’s wrong with your air conditioner and provide effective repairs.

Step One: Troubleshooting

Our technicians arrive on time and ready to work. We start our repairs by discussing any issues you’ve noticed, then use those to guide our inspection. At TropiCool, we train our techs to not only find the current problem but identify other issues and notify you of those as well.

Step Two: Repairing & Testing

After we find damaged or malfunctioning parts in your air conditioner, we’ll discuss our findings with you and go over the expected costs for parts and labor. Once you agree with our repairs, we’ll perform them quickly and effectively. We follow up all repairs with testing to ensure that your AC system works as it should, making adjustments and corrections as we test, so we leave you with the best-working air conditioner possible.

Step Three: Cleaning Up

Air conditioner repairs can create a mess, but our technicians won’t leave you to clean it up on your own. We remove any spilled water, dust, or debris, clean up wire clippings or excess components, and ensure your home looks as it did when we arrived.

During the repair process, our technicians also consider how effectively your current AC serves your home and inspect different components as they work. Sometimes, AC repairs only provide short relief, while replacing your air conditioner may serve you better. Should our technicians believe you’ll benefit better from a new AC unit, they’ll discuss this possibility with you before commencing with repairs.

Why Trust Tropicool with Your AC Repair in Westerville

Our professional HVAC team at TropiCool provides families across Westerville, OH, with professional AC repair, AC servicing, and installation services. When you work with a TropiCool AC technician, you’ll enjoy top-tier customer service and quick, effective AC repairs. Our professional techs have experience working with air conditioners of all brands and sizes and continuously train on new AC repair techniques.

At TropiCool, we combine excellent customer service with transparent pricing and efficient air conditioning repairs to provide you with the best AC repair experience possible. We commit ourselves to ensure you enjoy a comfortable home and an air conditioner capable of effective interior cooling.

Air Conditioner Repair FAQ's

Westerville, OH, residents come to us with many FAQ’s regarding air conditioning repair. Some of the most common questions we receive include:

Yes, you can try several steps before calling for air conditioner repairs, such as:

1. Check Your Thermostat

User error happens to the best of us, so start by checking that you have the thermostat set on cool to kick your AC into gear. You can also change out the thermostat’s batteries and try to get your AC unit working afterward since a dying thermostat may not communicate correctly with your air conditioner.

2. Change Your Air Filter

A dirty, clogged air filter can force your air conditioner to work overtime, acting erratically and making you wonder if you need AC repairs. Check your air filter and change it out, then try your AC again and see if it performs differently.

3. Clean Up Around Your Exterior Unit

If you’ve checked your thermostat and changed your air filter but still notice problems with your AC, check the exterior unit. Grass clippings, leaves, and other debris can collect around your unit and block off its ventilation, overheating the unit and making it work harder. 

AC problems continuing after these troubleshooting steps require the skill and expertise of professional air conditioner repair technicians.

Keeping your air conditioner in good condition prevents many problems from occurring. At TropiCool, we offer air conditioner maintenance plans performed by professional technicians to keep your AC system at its most effective functionality. Between maintenance checks, you can keep your AC running properly by changing out the filter regularly and keeping the space around your exterior unit clear of debris.

Some homeowners searching for “AC repair near me” may wonder if replacing their air conditioners trumps the idea of repairs. The easiest answer is if you pay for constant repairs and your air conditioner never seems to work as well as before, you may need a new AC unit.

At TropiCool, we can help you decide whether you should replace a malfunctioning air conditioner. Should you choose to purchase a new unit, we can help you find the best one for your home and lifestyle.

Top-Quality AC Repair Services with Tropicool in Westerville, OH

When you need air conditioner repairs in your home, you want trustworthy technicians with experience working on AC units of all brands and sizes to provide you with AC services. At TropiCool, we provide Westerville residents with professionally trained technicians capable of repairing problematic air conditioning units.

When you need AC repair in Westerville, Ohio, call our AC experts at TropiCool at 614-739-8670.