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Whether you have built a new structure that needs an air conditioner or you wish to replace an older model, our experts at TropiCool can provide professional AC installation. Our team of licensed and insured air conditioning installers offers fast, friendly service with expert care and installation knowledge.

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How to Know You Need to Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

Homeowners rely on their air conditioning systems for cool, dry air to combat the warm, humid summers here in Westerville. When your air conditioner starts to require too much attention, you should consider an air conditioning replacement. Some signs it’s time to replace or upgrade your air conditioner include:


No matter how much maintenance it receives, an air conditioner unit will begin to fail by its 15th year. You’ll lose your efficient cooling system and constantly crank up the AC, forcing your unit to run longer and consume more energy. Before your AC unit shows signs of failure, contact our experts at TropiCool about central air conditioning installation.

Inefficient Cooling

If your air conditioner doesn’t keep your home as cool as it should, you may need a new system. Older model AC units often lose their ability to work properly over time, but buying a new AC unit before you’re sweltering through the summer can provide you with efficient, effective cooling.

Constant Repairs

As an air conditioner nears the end of its usefulness, it requires more frequent repairs that stress the system and put a strain on your wallet. If your air conditioner needs repairs more often or you notice that you’re spending thousands on fixing it, you should consider an AC replacement.

Air Conditioning Replacement in Westerville, OH

When you need to replace your current air conditioner, our experienced team at TropiCool can help you choose the best unit for your home and install it for you. Our air conditioner installation services cover a wide variety of brands and sizes, allowing you to find the right air conditioner for your lifestyle and budget.

During the installation of your replacement AC unit, we’ll disconnect your old unit and inspect your vents and air ducts to ensure no damage will make your new AC system less effective than expected. Once we know that your ductwork works properly, we’ll hook up your new air conditioner and test its responsiveness to your thermostat.

Air Conditioning Installation in Westerville, OH

New structures need air conditioners to create a comfortable, safe environment for people and cargo. Installing a new air conditioner takes extended HVAC knowledge to ensure the proper electrical and air duct connections. From choosing the right AC system for your building to installing it quickly and professionally, our HVAC experts at TropiCool can help with all your new air conditioning installation needs.

Different Types of Air Conditioning Systems

Many homeowners choose traditional central air conditioning for their homes, but recent developments in HVAC technology have created new, more eco-friendly options. For example, heat pumps transfer heat out of your home and release it outdoors, often working in tandem with a forced air conditioning system. Other homeowners choose ductless mini-split air conditioners, which are units that installers place in every room to allow more temperature control without dealing with air ducts and vents.

AC Installation FAQ's

With so many new options available for air conditioners, many homeowners considering a new air conditioner often come to us with FAQ’s regarding AC installation. Some common questions we hear include:

Choosing the right air conditioner requires you to consider multiple aspects of your home and lifestyle, including:

Ceiling Height

Higher ceilings require more air to pump into your home. If you have ceilings higher than seven feet, you may consider installing ceiling fans to help your air conditioner cool your entire home.

Heat Absorption

Homes painted with darker colors absorb more heat, making it more difficult to keep your home cool. The amount of heat your home absorbs also depends on the amount of shade vs. sunlight exposure your property has.

The Number of Residents

Large families or homes with pets like dogs and cats usually require stronger air conditioning units capable of keeping up with the increased cooling demands.

The Number of Doors and Windows

The more doors and windows a home has, the more likely a smaller AC unit will have a hard time cooling your home. Larger air conditioners can meet the demands of homes with multiple doors and windows.

The cost to install a new air conditioner depends on many factors, starting with whether you’re replacing an old unit or installing a brand new one. Your installation cost also depends on aspects like:

  • The brand and model of AC
  • The AC system’s efficiency and features
  • Whether you require ductwork repairs
  • The type of cooling system your unit uses

Installation prices also differ depending on the complexity of installation, AC placement, and other factors affecting the actual installation process.

New air conditioning units provide cooler air with better efficiency, saving you money on your utility bill while providing comfortable interior air. Installing new air conditioners also provides better indoor air quality, a relief to those suffering from asthma or respiratory symptoms. Many homeowners notice a significant difference in their home’s utility bills and cooling performance after the installation of a new air conditioning unit.

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When homeowners need a new AC unit, they turn to the best air conditioning installation company in Westerville: TropiCool. Our experienced AC installers provide professional air conditioning installation for homes of every shape and size, ensuring that you stay cool all summer long.

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