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When it comes to indoor cooling, you need your air conditioner to perform at its best. Without a working AC compressor, however, your AC system won’t produce cold air. Problems with your AC compressor can lead to further issues with your HVAC system, which can result in costly repairs if not addressed immediately.

The professional HVAC team at TropiCool can help with all your indoor cooling needs, including quick turnaround times and 5-star customer service for AC compressor replacement. Don’t get caught in the summer heat with a malfunctioning AC compressor. Call TropiCool to schedule a service appointment at your home in Westerville, OH.

What is an AC Compressor?

Your AC compressor serves as one of the most vital components for your central air system. Integrated into a closed-loop system of your plumbing, AC compressors contain the refrigerant necessary to produce cold air inside your home.

AC compressors also work alongside other mechanics of your AC unit such as the outdoor condenser and indoor air handler. If your AC compressor begins to fail, your system can no longer produce cold air. This can cause your air conditioner to overwork itself, resulting in a total shutdown of your AC system.

AC Compressor Not Turning On

Besides a failure to produce cold air, several signs can indicate that your AC compressor has begun to deteriorate. If your unit doesn’t have a warranty or your warranty has already expired, call TropiCool for professional help on repairs and AC compressor replacement. Signs of a bad AC compressor include:

Compressor failure can lead to further damage to your AC unit, and issues like refrigerant leaks pose a hazard to your safety. For any of these AC compressor issues and more, contact us before problems worsen for an immediate inspection and possible replacement. You can also contact us for emergency services if your AC compressor is not turning on.

How Much Does an AC Compressor Cost?

Deciding whether or not to go forward with an AC compressor replacement can present a difficult decision. The cost to replace your AC compressor can vary depending on the size, brand, and type that your home requires. While the qualified technicians at TropiCool can repair your compressor, AC compressor replacement costs are more affordable than other repair and replacement costs.

Consider replacing your system if you notice: 

To ensure you receive the best AC services possible, the experienced team at TropiCool will help you make a decision that works best for your budget. Let us help you save time and money by calling for an inspection today. 

Choose Tropicool as Your Air Conditioning Service Provider

At TropiCool, we make your home comfort our top priority. Whether you need no-hassle installations or quality repairs and maintenance for your air conditioning system, our fully licensed and insured team of AC experts brings you 5-star customer service to get the job done right every time.  

TropiCool offers upfront estimates for all of our services, including prices on AC compressor replacements. We’ll work with your schedule and your budget so you can worry less about restoring comfort in your home when you need it the most.

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