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A refrigerant leak might cause your air conditioner to stop producing cold air or working properly. Refrigerant is the liquid in your AC responsible for cooling incoming air. Homeowners typically experience a leak due to putting an inadequate amount of maintenance into their cooling systems. 

Fortunately, you can prevent refrigerant leak repair by scheduling annual AC maintenance appointments, keeping your unit clean, and addressing repairs as soon as you spot signs of a leak. TropiCool in Westerville, OH can quickly service your AC at an honest price. Here’s how our refrigerant leak repair process works:

Signs You Need Refrigerant Leak Repair Services

Besides a lack of maintenance, other causes can lead to refrigerant leaks. Weather damage, factory errors, vibrational movements, and poor quality installation are just a few reasons you might need refrigerant leak repair services. Keep an eye out for important Freon leak symptoms, and give us a call if you notice any indicators, including:

Overexposure to refrigerant leaks can lead to serious health concerns. No matter where your air conditioner is in your home, leaks can make the environment unsafe. Look for the signs of Freon poisoning listed here and contact medical professionals if they apply to you.

Air Conditioning Repair in Westerville, OH

The need for air conditioning repair in Westerville, OH can happen at any time. Refrigerant leak repairs are especially troublesome because they can put you and your family at risk for health problems. When your AC has damaged coils and is actively leaking refrigerant, you need a fast solution from experts with experience. 

Depending on the severity of the leak, the costs for refrigerant leak repair can vary. We can get an accurate price once we examine your air conditioner and determine how serious the issue is. Get in touch with us at TropiCool for all your air conditioning needs, including refrigerant leak repair.

FAQ's About AC Freon Leaks

Yes, Freon can leak from your air conditioner even when it is off. While turning it off when you suspect a leak is a good first step, you will need to call TropiCool to come look at your AC. Freon is quite toxic, so waiting to schedule repair services is extremely dangerous and unsafe.

Never try to repair a refrigerant or Freon leak yourself, as proper training and equipment are essential. Attempting a quick fix can cause a health emergency or other concerns, so it is best to contact your local refrigerant leak repair professionals as soon as possible. Call TropiCool right away!

Call Tropicool, Westerville's HVAC Experts, for Refrigerant Leak Repair Services

If you think you need a refrigerant leak repair for your HVAC system, contact the HVAC professionals at TropiCool for support. We proudly serve Westerville, OH and the surrounding areas and will provide excellent services to you too! Call TropiCool today at 614-739-8670 to schedule a visit.