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According to the US Department of Energy, heat pumps are three times more efficient than the typical HVAC system, including gas and electric furnaces. Rather than going through the combustion process to convert air temperatures, these pumps transfer heat in and out of your home for comfort, burning less electricity. However, like typical HVAC units, they’re subject to wear, leading to reduced capabilities.

When your pump’s unusual behavior has you considering a replacement, call for a heat pump repair before searching for newer models online. TropiCool, with over 250 five-star reviews, has served residents and business owners in Westerville, OH with affordable expert services for years.  

Why Is My Heat Pump Not Providing Comfort?

For our expert team, understanding the signs of a failing heat pump and knowing how to remedy them is essential. The first step to a successful repair service is pinpointing the signs yourself. 

One of the most obvious signs is no temperature change after flipping the power switch on your unit. You may hear the unit power on, air rushing through your air ducts, and a slight hum from the running fan when close to your heat pump. However, a malfunctioning thermostat may dictate incorrect temperatures to the unit, or a stuck reversing valve may pull warm air in the wrong direction.

You’ll also feel discomfort from an improperly functioning unit if you have:

If your unit shows no indication of running, there’s usually an electrical glitch preventing it from powering on. First, ensure the power socket sending current to your heat pump is on and the fuse hasn’t tripped. If tripped, hit the reset button on the pump. If nothing happens, check your circuit breaker and thermostat batteries before calling for a professional heat pump repair service.  

Other Signs You Need a Heat Pump Repair Service

Any sound other than a light humming and popping from air ducts contracting and expanding is cause for alarm. You’ll also hear a clicking thermostat as the unit powers up, but if the clicking continues through the cycle, the control panel or circuit board may be failing to start up. Grinding also occurs if dry moving parts rub together or the blower motor wears, and squealing comes from a damaged fan belt. 

You’ll also need a heat pump system repair if:

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Heat Pump Concerns

If you notice these signs and don’t call for a heat pump repair, your unit has to work harder to produce your desired temperature, especially if there’s a worn or damaged part. Not only does this cause your system’s lifespan to shorten, but it’ll raise utility bills as the unit becomes inefficient.

However, having your unit not function in Westerville’s 20-degree winter lows and 85-degree summer highs may be the most aggravating factor to consider as indoor temperatures become uncomfortable. 

Heat Pump Repair Near Me

Instead of hoping your unit will work the next time you turn it on, let us guarantee it. At TropiCool in Westerville, OH, our certified team is your go-to for “heat pump repair near me.” Call 614-739-8670 to schedule heat pump repair today!

FAQs About Heat Pump Repair Companies

We’re here to assist 24/7, including answering FAQs about home heat pump repair companies and their work. 

A competent team conducts a repair for a heat pump within one business day, with most jobs averaging four to eight hours.

During a repair, a qualified technician asks about your concerns and observations before inspecting all the possible causes. After uncovering the culprit, they’ll determine the best course of action to complete the repair.

Before wrapping up, they’ll check for refrigerant leaks, broken reversing valves, electrical malfunctions, dirty filters, faulty thermostats, and multiple other factors that could warrant future repairs if not cared for immediately.