Live Stream Coming Soon!

Our fun and colorful mascot is not just a cartoon drawing – meet Malibu and Moana, the true faces of TropiCool! Malibu and Moana are Blue and Gold Macaws. Don’t let their big beaks intimidate you; they mostly use them as hands. They absolutely love meeting new people, though Moana can be a bit more shy than our social butterfly, Malibu. Their hobbies include destroying giant wooden blocks, eating delicious nuts and veggies, flying, preening their beautiful blue and yellow feathers, and occasionally yelling. Don’t be alarmed if, when you call in, you sometimes hear a bird on the other end – they do come into our office. 

Here’s a fun fact: did you know you can hear a Macaw up to 5 miles away when they do their flock call? You can watch to see what these little guys are up to live on Monday, Thursday, and Friday from 12 PM to 4 PM! You can also meet our feathered friends at every 4th Friday event located in Uptown Westerville, Ohio.