5 Dangers of DIY Furnace Installation You Should Know

Furnace issues are expensive to fix and costly to replace. You might be tempted to save money with DIY furnace installation, but it’s never worth the risk!

Learn the risks of DIY furnace installation in this guide by our furnace experts at World Class Services. As the best furnace installation company in Westerville, OH, we have years of experience in up-to-code furnace installation. Don’t install it yourself. Call us at 614-739-8670.

1. Personal Safety

Heating systems require high voltage to keep your home warm. HVAC experts have special equipment and protective gear to mitigate safety risks during installation. Mishandling the furnace can give you a shock that causes severe injury.

Furnaces also emit carbon monoxide. If you fail to properly vent a DIY furnace installation, you have a high risk of suffering carbon monoxide poisoning.

Even if you manage to vent it properly, you still might have poor air quality. This can cause long-term respiratory problems for your family.

Gas furnaces must connect to a natural gas line. A loose connection could result in a fire or even cause an explosion. Saving money isn’t worth your life; call an expert to install your furnace.

2. Performance or Device Damage

Even if you make it through the installation process, there’s still no way to ensure that your new furnace is working at peak efficiency.

During installation, an expert covers several steps to assure peak performance, including:

  • Ensuring optimal air flow
  • Establishing efficient draining
  • Syncing the thermostat with the furnace

Faulty installation can cause your energy bills to skyrocket. Poor air quality is another common consequence. Even worse, it can end up damaging the furnace or decreasing its life expectancy.

3. Code Violations

DIY projects often result in a code violation. With furnace installation, that’s almost always the truth! HVAC codes are complicated, and only a licensed professional can know them all.

In some cities, performing the installation yourself might be illegal. Your city might also have regulations on how to handle certain components of the furnace. Don’t subject yourself to heavy fines by doing it yourself.

Other codes that you need to know before installing your furnace include:

Furnace Clearance Requirements

Placing the furnace too close to the wall is a fire hazard and makes future maintenance difficult or impossible. Each city has different requirements for spacing your furnace away from the wall, but 30 inches is standard. An expert can choose a furnace right for your space.

Furnace Permit Requirements

Laws vary concerning what type of furnace installations need a permit. Permits also come in various types, depending on the circumstances. Energy constraints, conservation laws, gas line locations, and historical neighborhood regulations can all make a difference.

A licensed HVAC expert can easily navigate these nuances.

Furnace Ventilation Requirements

A furnace’s ventilation requirement depends on the size of the furnace and the size of the room. Most municipal codes require two vents at established distances from the floor and ceiling. Have your furnace expert make sure the installation is up to code.

4. Voiding the Warranty

Most furnace manufacturers state that when anyone other than a licensed technician installs or repairs the furnace, it voids the warranty. When something goes wrong later, you’ll end up paying a lot of money for work that could have been done for free.

You can keep your warranty valid by calling 614-739-8670 to schedule furnace installation with a licensed technician from World Class Services.

5. Skyrocketing Energy Bills

Even if you have an energy-efficient furnace, if you fail to install it correctly, you’ll burn through the money you saved doing it yourself.

How can an improperly installed furnace increase your energy bill?

  • A poorly tuned thermostat can cause the furnace to run when it shouldn’t.
  • Your furnace might work even if it incurred minor damage during installation. However, it will use more energy to achieve the same results.
  • You might have picked the wrong furnace type or size for your home.

Make sure your furnace is installed by a qualified expert to avoid paying more long-term.

Call World Class Services for Furnace Installation

We hope we’ve convinced you that DIY furnace installation and furnace maintenance aren’t things to take lightly. Don’t put your house, your health, and your money at risk.

World Class Services makes it easy to get the help you need. With our friendly, expert service and competitive prices, there’s no reason not to call us. We’re only a phone call away: 614-739-8670.

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