3 Signs of a Bad Furnace Control Board You Should Know


Furnaces are some of the most popular home heating systems. These forced air systems can produce their own heat source and distribute warm air throughout your home. Without these heat sources, low seasonal temperatures would make your home interior nearly unlivable. 

While furnaces should last anywhere from 15 to 20 years, issues can arise that cause premature breakdowns. Malfunctions can be tricky to diagnose, but knowing the signs of a bad furnace control board can help diagnose the problem.

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What is a Furnace Control Board?

Many people assume that furnaces operate without electricity. However, a furnace would not be able to provide warm air to your home without electrical power to catalyze the heating process.

Think of the furnace control board like the brain of your furnace’s electrical operations. The furnace control board triggers your system’s gas and ignition operations. Therefore, issues with your control board could cause breakdowns in your furnace’s warming function.

Learning the signs of a bad furnace control board can help you avoid long term breakdowns. Keep this crucial piece of your HVAC system working by scheduling routine preventative maintenance from qualified professionals. 

3 Leading Signs of a Bad Furnace Control Board

Warning Lights

Every furnace control board connects to a system of LED lights that provide warnings during times of malfunction. While every warning system works differently, a diagnostic light signals that you should call professionals to inspect your furnace control board. Since these lights connect to the whole system rather than a specific mechanism, expert technicians will need to diagnose the root cause.

Temperature Inconsistencies

Healthy furnaces provide consistent warm air to your home based on the preferences you program into your thermostat. Since the furnace control board connects with your thermostat to regulate temperature control, temperature inconsistencies in different rooms might signal a problem with the control board. 

Interruptions to Normal Cycling

All HVAC units function by executing cycles of both warm and cool air to regulate the temperatures within your home. If problems impact the functioning of your furnace’s control board, you may notice inconsistencies in home warming cycles. These interruptions to normal cycling can cause your house to warm up at inconvenient times or stop functioning altogether.

Why Your Control Board May Have Failed

Equally important to knowing the signs of a bad furnace control board is understanding why the breakdown occurred. Understanding the common causes of furnace issues helps professionals resolve the problem more efficiently.

Relay Switches Are Stuck

Relay switches are responsible for diverting electrical signals made by the control board to the relevant mechanisms in your furnace. If these switches become stuck, your furnace could stop functioning and your board may fail to operate properly.

Power Surges

Power surges can occur due to extreme weather events or while using too many high-powered devices at the same time. These overbearing electrical events can overpower your furnace control board and damage its electrical regulation capabilities. Power surges could break your furnace control board and require a replacement.  

Wiring or Electrical Issues

Electrical and wiring issues can plague any part of your HVAC system. Since a furnace control board connects to your home’s electrical framework to power warming cycles, loose wire connections, tripped breakers, or blown fuses can inhibit functioning.

Call your HVAC professionals to perform tests with a voltage meter and identify the electrical problem at hand. Technicians may need to execute rewiring work or adjust the power settings on the thermostat terminal. 

Transistor Breakdowns

The transistor on your furnace control board is another switch responsible for regulating electrical signals throughout your furnace’s mechanisms. One of the transistor’s main functions is to trigger the gas valve and door switch, which provides fuel to your furnace and ensures carbon monoxide doesn’t flow through your warm air. Breakdowns with the transistor require professional attention immediately.

Expired Lifespan

Your furnace should last for about 15 to 20 years. Problems with your furnace control board might indicate that your system is reaching the end of its lifespan. Call a professional HVAC service to replace your old system.

Call Professional Furnace Technicians from World Class Services

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