Turning On a Furnace for Winter: Eight Important Steps

Your furnace is instrumental in keeping you and your family warm during cold weather. However, it’s essential to prepare your furnace before winter arrives. By following specific steps before turning on your furnace for winter, you can ensure that your unit will keep your home warm and remain energy efficient throughout the winter season.

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In this article, our team at World Class Services discusses eight important steps to take before turning on your furnace for the winter.

1. Move Objects Blocking Air Vents

One of the first things to do before turning on your furnace for winter is to move all objects blocking your air vents. Furniture blocking the path of air leaving your vents can make your furnace work harder and increase your utility bills. 

Items too close to hot air vents can also lead to a fire. Ensure that objects such as wooden or fabric furniture are a safe distance away from uncovered air vents.

2. Replace the Air Filter

An HVAC system’s dirty filter that has collected dust, dirt, pet hair, and other airborne debris significantly decreases your home’s air quality, causing allergies and other issues. Replacing the air filter will ensure that your indoor air quality remains high and will prevent reduced airflow through your HVAC system. Furthermore, you’ll experience reduced heating expenses as your furnace no longer has to work as hard to distribute heat.

3. Prepare Your Carbon Monoxide Detector

Your carbon monoxide detector detects harmful carbon monoxide gas. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas often undetectable without physical symptoms or a sensor. A faulty furnace may produce carbon monoxide, which could result in severe poisoning or death. 

Confirming that your detector works properly is crucial to your family’s safety. Before turning on the furnace for winter, test the detector’s alarm to ensure that it works properly. Change the batteries and replace old or faulty units if the alarm is nonresponsive.

4. Clean Furnace Burners

As your furnace sits unused over the summer, dust may settle on the burners. This debris decreases your furnace’s longevity and causes a burning smell when you turn on the unit. Before turning on the furnace, it’s best to clean the burners.

To clean your furnace’s burners, turn off the unit and the gas line, if applicable. Wipe up all dust from the burners with a cloth and remove the remaining debris with a vacuum hose. While cleaning the unit, check for other areas with considerable dust, and remove it carefully.

5. Change Temperatures Accordingly

The last thing you want is a damaged furnace. Switching from hot to cold temperatures can cause excessive wear and tear on your heating system. It’s best to change your HVAC system’s temperature as the weather gets colder.

As temperatures decrease, you should turn off your cooling and heating system. Set your furnace to a low temperature and increase it as the changing weather gets colder. You’ll avoid costly furnace repairs and save money on home comfort.

6. Increase Home Insulation

Turning on the furnace for winter also requires preparing your home. Leaks in doors and other signs of poor insulation result in high energy bills and a furnace that must work harder than necessary to heat your home. Eventually, excessive operation results in a decreased lifespan.

You can save significantly on indoor heating by adding extra insulation to your walls, sealing cracks near windows and entryways, and preventing hot air from exiting your home. It’s possible to reduce your monthly energy bills by up to 15%.

7. Repair and Maintain Ducts

Your air ducts are a vital part of your HVAC system and should receive maintenance with your furnace. Damaged ductwork allows hot air to exit your home and prevents your rooms from heating evenly. Without properly sealed ducts, your furnace will take longer to warm your home and still fail to heat it thoroughly.

You can inspect your furnace’s ductwork yourself or contact a professional HVAC technician to perform the job. A professional can help you save money by fixing structural damage properly the first time. 

8. Test the Furnace

After properly cleaning and maintaining your furnace, it’s time to test it. Turn on the unit well before cold temperatures arrive, and check every room in your home for heating issues. 

If you hear unusual noises, your home is still cold, or you notice other comfort issues, it’s best to get help from a professional before turning on the furnace for winter. While it’s possible to do furnace maintenance yourself, professionals follow a streamlined process that leaves no boxes unchecked. They can also perform annual maintenance to keep your unit running properly for years.

Our Furnace Maintenance Service

At World Class Services, we provide detail-oriented furnace maintenance services that will leave your unit in perfect condition to combat winter temperatures for years to come. We’ll inspect your unit, clean it, replace minor components, and confirm that it works properly. We follow an extensive checklist to ensure that all parts receive the proper maintenance. 

Our HVAC technicians have the necessary licensure, bonding, and insurance to provide you with high-quality maintenance. We’ll utilize state-of-the-art equipment and come with fully-stocked vehicles to effectively maintain your furnace.  If your unit needs further repairs, we’ll discuss the best route and provide a free estimate.

Contact Us Today

Without the proper maintenance, turning on a furnace for winter can result in extensive repair needs, premature breakdowns, and energy efficiency issues. At World Class Services, we remove the hassle of maintaining your furnace yourself. Our many years of experience, transparent business operation, friendly professionals, and drive for customer satisfaction make us your go-to company.

Get the correct HVAC system maintenance for winter in Ohio. Look no further than our team at World Class Services for furnace maintenance in Westerville, OH. Contact our HVAC experts today and schedule an appointment when you call 614-412-0750.

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