Toilet Won’t Flush After Heavy Rain: Troubleshooting Guide

If you’ve noticed your toilet won’t flush, heavy rain could be the cause. In old houses, this can occur regularly. In many cases, you can troubleshoot the issues yourself and avoid repair costs.

This article details the causes of your toilet not flushing after heavy rain and the various ways to resolve these issues. If you’re not comfortable performing DIY toilet plumbing issues yourself, the toilet repair and installation professionals in Westerville, OH, can help you. 

Causes of a Toilet That Won’t Flush After Heavy Rain

Clogged Drains From a Full Septic System

After heavy rains, water that gets into your septic tank can cause an overflow. This excess water back-flows into your home’s drain lines, leaving behind sticks, leaves, debris, and other pollutants. This backflow results in clogged drains. 

This issue can also occur with your city’s sewer system. When the line overflows, sewage will back up into your home. Gurgling while using the washing machine is another indicator of backups.

Faulty Water Shutoff Valve

In some instances, your water shutoff valve may not be on. Whether it’s from bumping the valve or the valve has physical damage preventing it from turning correctly, this problem will prevent you from sending adequate water flow to the toilet.

Cracked Sewer Line

If your toilet won’t flush after heavy rain, a severe possible cause is a cracked sewer line. Cracks in your pipes can shift with the dirt’s movement, worsening the physical damage and leading to extensive leaks. 

Shifted or damaged pipes mean waste can’t reach the city’s sewer main. Instead, the sewage backs up into your toilet’s drain pipe.

Clogged Toilet Pipe

Sometimes the reason why your toilet won’t flush after heavy rain is simple. Sewage clogs or clogs from items you shouldn’t flush are common causes of inoperable toilets. 

The most common cause is toilet paper or other heavy paper products, such as paper towels or feminine hygiene products. Unattended children may flush toys or other items down the toilet, causing a clog. Luckily, in most cases, this problem is easy to resolve yourself.

Damaged Toilet Flapper or Lift Chain

A toilet flapper covers the drainage hole allowing your toilet to flush water out of the tank. When the tank warps, it may prevent the toilet from flushing. 

In other cases, a damaged lift chain could be the problem. If the lift chain connected to the toilet handle is too loose, it won’t respond to your flushing.

Clogged Inlet Holes

Your toilet’s inlet holes are below the bowl’s rim. Water enters the toilet bowl through these holes to facilitate flushing.

Without regular cleaning, the inlet holes can clog with debris and bacteria. If these holes become clogged, your toilet won’t flush as effectively. Significant clogs can prevent flushing from occurring altogether.

How to Repair a Toilet That Won’t Flush

Unclog the Toilet

If your toilet’s water supply valve isn’t faulty, you can try to unclog the toilet pipe with a plunger. Ensure the water level is low enough to use the plunger safely without overflowing the toilet.

Use a mirror to look at your toilet’s inlet holes. You can pour bleach into the toilet’s overflow tube and flush it if you notice clogs. Scrape the remaining mineral deposits and bacteria away with a sharp object or toilet brush.

Turn On the Water Supply

Check the water supply valve. If it’s in an in-between position or switched off, turn it on. Check your bathroom sink’s tap to determine whether it’s a problem with just the toilet or the entire home’s water supply. Call your water company if you suspect a break or leak.

Check the Toilet Tank

Take off the toilet tank lid and look inside. You can replace the internal parts if you notice the flapper is warped or damaged or the lift chain is loose or disconnected. 

Both parts are affordable and are likely available at your nearby hardware store. You can replace the components yourself without much difficulty.

Contact a Professional Plumber

If none of these solutions is the correct fix to why your toilet won’t flush after heavy rain, you should contact a professional plumber. They have the appropriate tools and equipment to diagnose your toilet’s problems and repair them effectively.

If you need plumbing repairs in Westerville, PH, the World Class Services team can help. We bring significant expertise to every job. Our experts undergo continuous training to stay updated on the best practices for plumbing repairs and more.

Don’t let heavy rain cause toilet flushing problems. Call World Class Services in Westerville, OH, for repairs at 614-881-4721.

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