What Causes a Pipe to Burst in the Summer: How To Prevent It

A burst pipe is a significant concern that needs immediate repair, no matter the time of year. Because it’s more common for pipes to burst in the winter, many homeowners wonder what causes a pipe to burst in summer. A variety of plumbing problems could be responsible for a burst pipe.

You can avoid significant sewer damage by understanding how and why pipes burst in the summer. Below, you’ll discover the potential causes of a pipe burst during the summer months and how to prevent such events. When you need effective plumbing repairs, trust the plumbing repair experts in Westerville, OH, at World Class Services.

Causes of Pipe Bursts in the Summer

Although frozen pipes are the main culprit of pipe bursts in winter, pipe bursts that happen in the summer have drastically different causes. Pipes often burst during the hottest summer months when your sewage system must work hardest. Causes include:

  • Tree roots
  • Summer heat
  • Wear and tear
  • Sewage clogs
  • Inadequate repairs
  • Lack of maintenance

1. Tree Roots

Tree roots are one of the central answers regarding what causes a pipe to burst in summer. The deepest roots search for moisture in the soil after dry spells. Leaking or damaged sewage pipes release enough water to attract them.

While all leaking pipes attract trees, sewer pipes are the most common ones that draw them. Their roots gravitate towards leaking pipes, pushing and straining their materials. This physical force eventually leads to cracks and further breaks. 

2. Hot Temperatures

Hot temperatures in Ohio dry out the soil. The lack of moisture in the soil can lead to shifting pipes as the dirt loosens. Already damaged or corroding pipes are especially susceptible to leaks during hot weather. 

Shifting creates room for water to seep in from crumbling sewage pipes. Leaks from hot weather aren’t immediately noticeable, but without prompt repairs, they quickly wreak further havoc in your yard.

3. Old, Worn Pipes

Wear and tear is another common concern leading to pipe bursts. Extensive moisture exposure can lead to rust and corrosion. Over time, your pipes’ durability decreases from sewage and water movement, tree root pressure, and more.

While steel sewage pipes can last up to 50 years with routine maintenance, they eventually fail. Other metals and additional pipe materials, such as PVC, withstand corrosive elements better.

4. Pipe Clogs

As your kitchen and bathroom drain lines encounter significant activity, it’s not uncommon for debris to clog pipes. Low water pressure in your system may indicate a clog. Likely materials and items likely to contribute to sewer clogs include:

  • Dirt
  • Grease
  • Food waste
  • Lint
  • Hair
  • Soap scum

5. Improper Repairs or Maintenance

It’s not easy to select a quality plumber. DIY plumbing repairs are not always effective, either. Improper repairs after initial leaks or pipe bursts can contribute to problems later. 

Another answer to “what causes a pipe to burst in summer?” is not getting routine maintenance. Without it, it’s difficult to spot potential problems until they occur. Licensed, bonded, and insured professionals follow the best practices for pipe repairs and maintenance.

How to Prevent Pipe Bursts During Summer Months

The last thing you want is to deal with a burst pipe. Prevention is critical to avoiding costly bills from water damage and mold remediation. You can protect your pipes from bursting during the summer by doing the following.

Check Pipes Regularly

Routinely monitoring visible pipes for problems can alert you to leaks, corrosion, and physical damage before they worsen. 

Get Routine Pipe Maintenance

Homeowners can’t monitor all pipes leading to their home’s sewer system. Regular maintenance from licensed plumbers can help you avoid pipe bursts during Ohio’s hot summer months. Professionals have the tools to detect leaks and patch them with lasting solutions.

Professional plumbers inspect your pipes for concerns and patch leaks at the source. They’ll also provide insight into what causes a pipe to burst in summer.

Contact World Class Services

Avoid water damage from burst pipes in your kitchen, bathroom, yard, or elsewhere with help from World Class Services in Westerville, OH. When you need toilet services in Westerville or the surrounding areas, our reliable plumbers can help. 

Don’t let a pipe burst in your home. Speak to our reliable plumbing experts to learn more about what causes a pipe to burst in summer today and get proactive help no matter the severity. Call our experts to receive a quote for service at 614-881-4721.

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