Top 4 Safety Tips for Furnaces

If you worry about how safe your furnace is, following safety tips and reading your furnace manual is crucial. In addition, whether your furnace is old or new, it’s vital to maintain it regularly to stay safe.

1. Use Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Using smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is important because you’ll know right away if something is wrong with your furnace. It’s important to test all of your detectors monthly and to replace the batteries at least annually. This ensures that your detectors are working throughout the year.

2. Don’t Store Flammable Items Near Your Furnace

You shouldn’t have flammable items stored in the same area as your furnace. Even if the items are not touching your furnace, they can still end up causing a fire. Some flammable items include wood scraps, clothing, boxes, fuel for your lawnmower, and sawdust from working with wood in a shop area.

3. Replace Air Filters Regularly

Replacing your air filters improves your indoor air quality and keeps your furnace safer. The air filters in your home should all be clean and inspected every three months. If you have pets in your home, however, replace your air filters every one to two months.

4. Clean the Furnace Regularly

Cleaning the space around your furnace, cleaning the lint and dust on your furnace, and removing the dust inside your furnace are critical to keeping your furnace operating safely. The more it runs, the more you should inspect and clean it. In the winter, clean and inspect your furnace weekly as a good rule. Try to clean your furnace monthly during the times it isn’t running at all. Having it professionally cleaned annually will also keep your heating system safe and running efficiently.

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