3 Reasons Your AC Has Stopped Making Cold Air

Did you arrive home after a long day only to discover your AC stopped working unexpectedly? Unfortunately, this is a common problem for homeowners throughout Westerville, OH. However, at World Class Services, we understand how important it is to restore cool air as quickly as possible, especially during the scorching summers we experience here in Westerville. That’s why we put together a list of what can cause your AC to stop making cool air.

1. Dead Thermostat Batteries

The thermostat is the device that tells your air conditioner when to turn on and how cold it should make your house feel. Most thermostats are battery-powered, which means a dead pair of batteries can cause the whole device to stop working, creating a lot of chaos. When that happens, your AC won’t kick on. Fortunately, this issue has an easy, DIY solution. All you have to do is freshen up the batteries!

2. Dirty Air Filter

When the HVAC air filter gets dirty, it can lead to weak airflow or a full system shutdown. Summer is the worst season for dirty air filters since pollen, mold, and spores are most prevalent. If your air filter hasn’t been changed in a while, this could be the culprit. Turn off the air conditioner and replace the old filter with a new one. If you don’t have a spare air filter on hand, you can pick one up at your local hardware store, or big box store. Once the filter is changed, turn the AC back on to see if it starts making cool air again.

3. Refrigerant Leak

This is a more serious problem than the ones we discussed above and should be handled by a professional. Nevertheless, refrigerant leaks are one of the most common causes of reduced cooling. Refrigerant is the liquid inside your cooling system responsible for removing heat and humidity from the air. If the refrigerant leaks out, your AC can only circulate room temperature air. A technician can patch up the leak and top off the coolant levels.

Your Cooling Pros in Westerville

If your AC still isn’t making cool air after changing the batteries and air filter, give World Class Services a call. We’ll send out a technician to evaluate your system and diagnose the problem. We send each technician out with a fully stocked truck so they can fix the most common AC problems on the spot. We also provide maintenance, replacements, and installations for air conditioners and furnaces. Some of our other services include indoor air quality, drain cleaning, and plumbing services, and more.

Call us today to schedule your 5-star cooling service in Westerville! We look forward to serving your home comfort needs.

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