Thermostat Warning Signs

It’s not always obvious that your thermostat is the issue. When the heat is on and something isn’t quite right with your air conditioning system, it’s easy to miss the signs that your thermostat has become faulty. Here are the five ways that may indicate your thermostat has seen better days.

1. Soaring Energy Bills

Are your bills looking sky-high lately? Higher bills are an indicator that there might be a few issues, but the thermostat is one of the prime suspects. If your thermostat is incorrectly judging your home’s temperature, energy will most definitely go to waste.

2. AC Never Turns Off

If your AC always seems to run, you likely have a thermostat issue. This problem arises when your air conditioner thinks the temperature in the room is higher than the actual temperature. That causes it to overexert itself to meet a temperature that may be impossible to reach. Doing this will also add wear and tear to your appliance, so it’s best to have a professional look at it as soon as possible.

3. Constant Short Cycling

Does it seem like your AC is turning off before it’s finished cooling your home to the temperature you set? When this happens, it’s called short cycling, and it sometimes repeats the pattern of coming on and turning off. It occurs when your AC is too big for the area or your thermostat misjudges your set temperature.

4. Changing Temperatures

One of the largest signs that your thermostat is not working well is when the temperature that your house cools to is changing. Changing temperatures is a big energy waster, and it could cost you loads of money. If your thermostat cannot correctly gauge the temperature, it’s possible it needs complete replacement.

5. Outdated System

When your system is outdated, the possibility of having a malfunctioning thermostat increases every year. If your system has seen more than 10 years of duty cooling your home, your thermostat and several other things may be close to submitting to age. At this stage, you should schedule regular check-ups for your system and possibly talk to an expert about upgrading to a newer one.

It’s All in the Name

At World Class Services, we aim to enrich the lives of families in Westerville, Ohio, and the surrounding area. We will work tirelessly to care for your home needs, whether heating, cooling, drain cleaning, or plumbing. So, contact us today if you suspect your thermostat has seen better days, and we will have you feeling cool and comfy in no time.

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