5 Easy Steps for Fall Energy Savings

If you’re looking for ways to reduce energy consumption and save a few bucks during the fall, you’re not alone. Addressing energy efficiency is a task many homeowners include as part of their home improvement plans. While paying for a home energy audit is a good option, there are many free options as well. We’re going to review five solutions that can help you lower your residential energy costs.

1. Seal Air Leaks

If you feel a draft in your house, you’ve got an air leak. Check around windows, doors, outlets, and plumbing to locate these energy hogs. Seal with the appropriate caulk or insulating materials to reduce the loss. Inspect both the interior and exterior of your property for air leaks.

2. Use the Sun’s Heat

Use your south-facing windows to allow the sun to warm up your residence for free. During the day, leave curtains open in rooms receiving direct sunlight. At night, close them to prevent cold air from entering.

3. Adjust the Thermostat

Setting your thermostat for fall weather is highly recommended. Programmable temperature control is the easiest way to manage indoor temperatures.

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4. Use More LED Lights

LED lights are designed to save energy and lower utility costs. Replace both indoor and outdoor lighting with LED bulbs for overall improvement.

5. Unplug Unused Appliances

Unplug those appliances and electronics that are turned off but plugged into an outlet. When they’re plugged into the electrical system of your home, they’re using electricity. This energy consumption can add up and cost you extra money every month.

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