How to Remove Mold From AC Ducts

Mold in your air conditioning ducts is a serious threat to your health. You need to get this situation straightened out as soon as possible because your family is breathing in mold spores. Here are the causes, the signs, and the ways to remove mold from your AC ducts.

Why Mold Grows in AC Ducts

Mold grows in the presence of moisture and warm temperatures. A humid environment combined with poor ventilation leads to an ideal condition for mold to grow. If you set your AC at too low a temperature, moisture in the air will collect in the ducts, and mold will grow.

Another air conditioning situation that leads to mold growth is if your AC unit is oversized. Your AC system will cool your home too quickly, which doesn’t give it the opportunity to dehumidify your air. This, too, leads to an ideal condition for mold to grow.

Signs of Mold

The first sign your AC ducts have mold is an unusual or musty odor when your AC system is running. If the smell goes away when your AC system is off, that narrows the problem down to your AC ducts. The smell can be pronounced in areas of your home with poor ventilation.

You may be able to see mold around your vents, in the drip pans, and in your ducts. As mold is usually too tiny to see, if you can see growths of it, you need to call a professional.

How to Get Rid of Mold

You should always have a professional remove mold from your AC ducts. Professionals have the equipment and know-how to safely and effectively remove it. Ordinary household cleaners don’t eliminate mold, and so it will grow back. You might also cause damage to your cooling system if you don’t know what you’re doing.

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