Are UV Air Purifiers Worth It?

Ultraviolet air purifiers are advanced air purification systems that use ultraviolet light to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and germs present in the air. They are air purifiers that have an added function of not only removing organisms but also destroying them. Most people are caught in a dilemma of whether to purchase UV purifiers or the standard air purification systems. Here are three reasons why you should consider UV air purifiers.

Improved Health

One of the primary reasons why you purchase an air purifier is to ensure that the health of the air you and your family are breathing is not causing illnesses. UV air purifiers play a significant role in improving the health of the people at home by removing all the microorganisms that are likely to cause illnesses when breathed. This system removes and kills viruses, bacteria, and germs, which are known to cause various diseases.

Removing Bad Smells

Bad odors are common in homes, especially after the smell of burnt food fills the indoor air. The odor becomes much worse when cigarette smoke is added into the room. Most of the standard air purifiers will struggle to deal with odors, and they may take several days to clear everything. However, UV air purifiers can dissipate the smell within a short period. All the odor particles will be neutralized by UV light, which will eliminate unpleasant odors in the house.

Lower Utility Bills

If you are currently using the standard air purifier, you are likely to be experiencing high utility bills. Your HVAC system is working hard to heat or cool your home after many pollutants have clogged the ductwork and other vents. However, with a UV air purifier, all the dirt, mold, dust particles, and other contaminants will be removed from the house. Your HVAC will be supplying air efficiently and without struggling, which will reduce the amount of energy it needs.

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