How a Home Service Membership Will Save You Thousands

As a homeowner, repairs and replacements around your home can add up quickly over time. Inevitably, something will break, and many large investments such as your HVAC system, roof, bathroom, kitchen, and more need routine maintenance. As time goes on, you have to replace parts and appliances. These expenses add up very quickly. Invest in the future of your home and your financial security with a home service membership.

Is a Home Service Membership worth it?

While we can’t speak for every home care membership, our Total Home Care Club membership is entirely worth it. You’ve heard the saying, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. That saying applies to your home maintenance as well.

AC and Heating

By keeping your central AC system in top working order with annual maintenance, you can cut your monthly energy costs by about 25% and reduce breakdowns by as much as 95%!

Through our membership, we will perform yearly inspections of your AC and Heating system. We thoroughly check all aspects of your HVAC system from condenser and evaporator coils, condensate drain, ductwork for leaks, airflow, humidifier, temperature and pressure, electrical connections, and more. By spotting any potential problems early, we can fix them before they become larger – and more expensive – problems. Also, this almost guarantees you won’t be kept in the heat or cold because your system broke down.

Plumbing and Drain Cleaning

A leaky toilet or dripping faucet can waste over 50,370 gallons of water a year. That’s a lot of unused water that you are paying for. Our membership includes regular inspections of your plumbing. During our visits, we will check water pressure, test drinking water, washing machine hoses, all faucets for leaks and proper pressure, toilets for proper operation, garbage disposals, emergency shutoff valves, main water meter, outside spigots, and much more.


Electrical fires cause approximately $1.6 billion in property damage each year. Old wiring, overloaded circuits, and worn outlets are the main culprits that can cause electrical shocks and fires. The risk of injury and damage to your home trying to fix electrical problems is too high. While a call to an electrician can be expensive, our regular checkups will help to prevent that call.

A few of the items we look at include checking surge protectors, outside main feeders, breakers for proper operation, all accessible lights, switches, dimmers, and fans, all connections to major appliances, and grounding and connections. We will tune-up your main panel and ensure all is in proper working order.

Save on Repairs

When damage inevitably occurs, through our home care membership, you can save on repairs. Depending on what level you choose, you can save anywhere from 5 – 15% on HVAC, plumbing, and electrical repairs. This can add up to big savings!

How Our Membership Works

Choose your membership level, anywhere between 1 and 5 years. The more years you choose, the greater your savings. Dispatch fees are reduced, with the savings going up with each level.

Whichever membership level you choose, you receive HVAC, plumbing, and electrical inspections. As you move up in level, the regular inspections include more services.

Finally, repairs are discounted at an increasing percentage depending on your membership level.

As a homeowner, you should have regular checkups on the major systems of your home. Why not save while doing it? Make an investment in the future of your home and call us today to discuss if a Total Home Care membership is right for you! Check out more

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