Protect Your AC with Corrosion Coating

Corrosion Coating for the Life of Your AC

Like many Charleston area residents, we love our proximity to the sea and South Carolina waterways. However, the exposure to saltwater and the influx of storms during the summer months can wreak havoc on air conditioning units.

Environmental factors such as saltwater speed up the effects of corrosion on air conditioning coils. Other elements, such as household cleaners, can also contribute to corrosion. “More typically, corrosion will begin appearing within a one- to four-year period, ”according to Joshua D. Sole, Ph.D., a senior mechanical engineer for Mainstream Engineering Corp.

The cost of replacing an air conditioning unit can be in the thousands. Save money and add years to the life of your AC unit with corrosion coating your heating and cooling system.

[company_name] Residential and Commercial Corrosion Coating Services

Our high-performance infinity corrosion coating system will protect your unit against the corrosive effects of coastal air.

Benefits of Corrosion Coating from [company_name]

Stops all degradation of your unit and improves efficiency.

We all know the saying; an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. This has never been as applicable as with our corrosion coating system. The upfront costs far outweigh the cost of unit replacement, absolutely justifying the small price for this service. Also, with improved efficiency, your monthly bills will be lower, saving even more money in the long run. Combined, our corrosion coating system will pay for itself quickly.

Improves indoor air quality by treating the evaporator coil.

The evaporator coil in your air conditioning unit is the heart of your cold air. This is basically where your cold air comes from. In this South Carolina heat, you do not want to be without an efficient evaporator coil. Over time, the evaporator coil can get pinhole leaks due to corrosion, causing your unit to work harder to cool air and raising your monthly utility bill.

Increases the life of your unit up to 85%!

If this isn’t enough motivation to use the preventative care of corrosion coating, we can’t say much else! Save time and money and the agony of a hot home by preventing corrosion in our unit.

Stands up to the hottest and most corrosive environments

Enjoy the hottest summers and the biggest storms in the comfort of a well air-conditioned home for years to come. Even heat waves and major storms are no match for our high-performance corrosion coating system. Living in Charleston, this is a major necessity.

Trust your [company_name] Technicians

Invest in the life of your AC unit with a corrosion coating system from trusted [company_name] technicians. Our mission is to enrich the lives of families in Charleston, Mt Pleasant, Isle of Palms, Sullivan’s Island, and other surrounding areas in South Carolina by keeping them safe and comfortable. We strive to provide the best service at a great value, backing all of our work with our World Class Guarantees. As we step up our service continuously, we also increase our knowledge and skills constantly. You can trust that your [company_name] technician will be respectful, knowledgeable, and thorough. Call [company_name] for your corrosion coating service and enjoy our world-class service and quality air conditioning for years to come.

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